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2048 Game Overview

2048 is a cool math and puzzle game that was created in 2014 and quickly became popular around the globe. Inspired by 1024 and Threes!

2048 game is an exciting combination of math and strategy. Can you get a 2048 high score? Give it a try !


How to Beat 2048

To beat 2048, players must move numbered tiles and combine them to produce a tile with a value of 2048. More tiles are added to the board every turn and only identical numbers can be combined. Once the board is full and no more tiles can be combined, the game is over. However, skilled players that create a tile with a value of 2048 can continue playing with bigger numbers. Keep playing to develop your 2048 strategy; and develope a better sense of it.

I hope that you enjoy it.

My thoughts and experience

Hi, I'm Madhav. I have created this as a side project/game jam within 4 hours, it took more hours to refine it but the logics and main design was completed with in 4 - 6 hours, in the span of few days.

The color combination is very similar to the original, I tried my best to keep the same authenticity and flavour of the game. The facts part is taken from various websites like Wikipedia, arkadium and etc.

I will be adding more features as soon as I can, I hope you enjoy the game!

Fun Facts About 2048